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ADG: Madera Business Park and Greenway Fence

This was my first experience in being the primary designer for a project. I spent time with the client, engineers, city management, and contractors developing a responsive, strong, and secure fence / gate combination for the Department of Economic Security’s new location.  It is located at coordinates: 32.190256, -110.966097.  Just South of E 37th St and West of S 4th Ave in Tucson, Arizona and bordering the El Paso and Southwestern Greenway.  We preserved room for extra vegetation and utilized materials that plants could climb and grow between. Local mountain range silhouettes were cut from perforated metal and layered to project shadow. Bent rebar was used to reference the ribs of the saguaro. Straight rebar was used as cloud formations and for strengthening. The design of the “Madera Business Park” logo plays role as the sun for the Mountain-scape Fence. The entire fence was pre-rusted to bring in natural Tucson colors and work with the copper tones of the building’s facade. 

For more information on the Greenway Project, please visit this website or view this PDF with the fence location detailed on page 26.

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