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CAPLA: BioSphere Luna

An exploration into living on Luna's south pole.  Upon the rim of a crater that is eternally bathed in shadow, there is a hill that is eternally bathed in sunlight - a place of uninterruptible power.  This project was my first real step into understanding the habitation requirements of extreme environments such as outer space. Form and function of the base are directly responsive to the mountain site near craters with water ice deposits. The site exists on the south pole of the moon, a location where peaks are bathed in eternal sunshine and craters are covered in constant shadow. The towers of the structure track the sun while also offering a constant view of Earth. This provides an uninterruptible power supply as well as a direct and focused connection to our home world. Through the use of ionized particles, humidity, and sunlight, an internal rain system was created to feed the plants, animals, and humans that survive and thrive in the underground biosphere.

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