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Last updated 01-26-2021


Throughout the last decade, my experiences in design have primarily focused on architecture and its ability to mitigate extreme environments.  To do this, I explored the realms of aerospace, sustainability, industrial systems, and more.  While I was being educated on the processes and necessities of designing for extreme environments and humans living in uninhabitable places, I became deeply influenced by the sciences of human factors, behavioral health, ergonomics, and anthropometrics.  Now, it is the combination and balance of these subjects that defines the overarching design philosophy in all of my works.  I find success in design when every square in has been taken into consideration and the mutual benefits between the user and the setting have been elegantly strengthened.  It is because of this approach that I am able to provide a unique and valuable perspective that is undeniably advantageous on our ever-changing planet.




Collaborative Laboratories

Woodbury, MN - Jan'21 to Present

  • Invention & prototyping.

​Architectural Associate

The Architects' Studio

Fort Collins, CO - Dec’18 to Present

  • I worked on a variety of projects including a Technology Center for the FOX Corporation, a local tortilla manufacturing facility, a ‘Common Cabin’ for the Department of Natural Resources, an Alternative Sentencing Facility for the county, multiple new and remodeled office spaces for corporate and government facilities, and a number of shelters and recreational structures throughout the Rocky Mountains.

  • I use BIM (Revit), Bluebeam Revu, Rhino3D, Microsoft Office (Word & Excel), Lumion, & the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop) daily. I am familiar with Sketchup, AutoCAD, and InDesign but only use them once every few months.

  • I prepared, delivered, scheduled, and presented iterative design concept packages within the company and externally to contractors and clients. I aligned design and architectural concepts with Brand and/or Entity requirements and coordinated with internal and external contributors, specialists, contractors, and suppliers.  I organized and oversaw the development and success of multiple architectural projects simultaneously including new builds, additions, tenant improvements, and remodels.


​Space Architect and Cost Accounts Manager

The Habitability Design Center (HDC) at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Contracted through MEI Technologies and KBRwyle.

Houston, TX - June'16 to Sept’18

  • My primary focus was to design, build, and evaluate the internal architectures of the Gateway’s Habitat modules and the Habitable Airlock variant of the Space Exploration Vehicle.  To do so, I utilized numerous digital and physical mediums and environments for multi-team collaboration in design and evaluation processes including Virtual Reality and full scale mock-ups.

  • As the HDC grew, I took on the title as Team Lead and Cost Accounts Manager. I organized the team's schedule and guided a collective focus by keeping the team on task and within scope while maintaining the customer's goals and producing exceptional deliverables within budget while schedules unexpectedly evolved and shifted.

  • My daily work transitioned to regular meetings and collaboration with NASA Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and Sub-System Leads of all departments to insure project coordination, design quality, expert buy-in, project momentum, and overall customer satisfaction.  I coordinated, produced, and delivered design presentations for NASA's in-house team meetings, International Partner Bilateral Summits, and Commercial Technical Integration Meetings. Our NASA customers often use these presentation documents to assist in proposals to NASA HQ.

  • I developed and maintained a set of standards for our team including: naming conventions, file and folder structure, CAD layering, model transfer, and color designations. I was also a co-author of The CisLunar Habitat Internal Architecture Design Criteria White Paper (Nov 20th 2016) and a core contributor to the Human Factors Test Report for the Deep Space Gateway Virtual Reality (VR) versus Physical Mock-up Habitability Evaluation Paper.​

  • I expanded the HDC’s educational outreach, established connections with multiple universities, and co-created per-semester timelines and deliverables lists with multiple different professors from different universities. I organized, hosted, and co-critiqued numerous presentations of the studio projects throughout the semesters with assistance from the HDC and multiple other teams across NASA. Also, I grew the HDC’s internship program and created and delivered a series of integrated design projects for the new teams coming in.

  • In the domain of Human Factors Engineering (HFE), my primary expertise is Habitat Architecture and I studied and employed Human Systems Integration (HSI) techniques across all phases of all projects.

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant

Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) - Department of Mechanical Engineering - College of Engineering - University of Houston

Houston, TX - Jan'15 to May'16

  • I focused on architecture and design for extreme environments and investigated the habitation and use of minimal work areas and overlapping task volumes with focus on anthropometrics and ergonomics.

  • I provided assistance to students in design, communication, presentation, 3D modeling, and rendering.  I prepared facilities, constructed and maintained multiple displays, and archived projects digitally and physically.

  • I am co-author of IAC-16-E5.1.1: Space Architecture, a Tool to Remove Roadblocks on the Space Exploration Highway.

 Architectural Intern

Architectural Design Group

Tucson, AZ - Jun'11 to Dec'14

  • I worked on a variety of projects including site design and master planning for new commercial retail centers, green belts, existing tenant improvements, and facade remodels.  Clients included restaurants, retailers, automotive centers, industrial manufacturers, medical facilities, aviation, and residential.

  • Primarily using Revit and AutoCAD, I participated in architectural and spatial programming, site analysis, as-built investigation, master planning, schematic design, refined design development, ADA compliance, construction documents, permit coordination, construction design, project management, and I regularly shadowed construction administration.


Technical Designer and Staff Artist

LiftPort Group

Tucson, AZ - May'13 to Dec'14

  • My focus was technical design, drafting, and 3D modeling of the space elevator concept. I designed presentation boards, prepared deliverables, and presented at events like the International Space Elevator Conference.  I also coordinated an outreach program with the University of Glasgow.


Concept Art & Photography

Independent Contractor

Tucson, AZ - 2005 through 2014

  • I created art and advertisement pieces for local establishments, events, and bands.


Awards, Honors, and Societies

  • AIA Member - 2018 to current

  • KRBwyle's "BRAVO" Award Winner - 2017

  • MEI's "STAR" Award Winner - 2017

  • Multiple "Certificates of Appreciation" from NASA - 2016 to 2018

  • "Superior Design" winner of Genesis Engineering’s S.P.S. Interior Design Competition - 2016

  • "Top 30" finalist in NASA/AmericaMakes 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge - 2015

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of Arizona - 2014

  • Member of the Architectural Honor Society of Tau Sigma Delta and the Selective Student Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi - 2013




Masters of Science in Space Architecture - Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture - Department of Mechanical Engineering - Cullen College of Engineering - University of Houston - Jan'15 to May'16 - GPA: 4.0

  • I studied extreme environment architectural engineering, internal architectural outfitting and habitat design, mission planning and analysis, Human Systems Integration, Human Factors, Behavioral Health, space systems technology, and logistics requirements and resupply.

 Bachelors of Architecture - College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture - University of Arizona - Jan'09 to May'14 - GPA: 3.7

  • I studied site analysis, master planning, human movement and experience, architectural programming, schematic design, design development, design communications, and construction design.


Software Use Hierarchy


    • Rhinoceros 3D - Constant use daily: 2010-current

    • Revit - Constant use daily: 2010-2016 & 2018-current

    • AutoCad - Light use weekly: 2011-2020

    • SketchUp - Light use: 2009-2019

    • UE4 - Light use monthly: 2017-2018

    • CREO - Minimal use once a month: 2016-2018

    • 3DSMax - Light use: 2014-2016

    • SolidWorks - Minimal use once a month: 2016-2018


    • Photoshop - Constant use almost daily: 2009-current

    • Illustrator - Constant use almost daily: 2009-2020

    • InDesign - Light use a few times a year: 2012-2020


    • Lumion - Regular use weekly: 2018-current

    • V-Ray - Regular use monthly: 2013-2018

    • Grasshopper - Minimal use a few times a year: 2011-2018


    • Google suite - Constant use: early 2000's-current

    • Microsoft Office Suite - Constant use: early 1990's-current


Additional Experience

I am skilled in building physical models from digital files with a wide range of sizes and levels of fidelity.  Through this, I am experienced with many manual fabrication methods including laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC machining. I have spent a lot of time building in wood, metal, and automotive shops throughout my entire life and I've completed the reconstruction and alteration of multiple vehicles.  Additionally, I hold a high level of interest in digital photography and photographic manipulation.

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